Thursday, August 25, 2011

Everything in its place, and a place for every thing...

Since we've moved into our new home, we are still struggling to find order in the everyday tasks.  With two toddler twins running around, it's hard to maintain a sense of order amid the toys and chaos.

We are taking it one day at a time, though, that's for sure.  I like to focus on the 'hot spots' when tackling organization.  Our hot spots are our pantry and closets.  What are yours?  It seems that it's easy to let things go when they're behind closed doors...but it's these areas that we frequent the most in our homes, and that can bring us the greatest satisfaction once organized properly.

Here are some tips I'm looking forward to using in my own home, and hope they inspire you too.

Beautiful ideas for an orderly pantry, maximizing every little nook and cranny...
{Courtesy of "House of Fifty"}

Great tips for organizing your closet, no matter how limited your space is...
{Courtesy of "Lonny"}

{Stay tuned for update on one of my upcoming projects -- organizing my own walk-in closet}

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